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Building access to affordable housing

Since Terra was founded in 1984, we have applied our expertise in development management to deliver 300 projects, representing upwards of 15,000 units of affordable and mixed-market housing and other community spaces.

We guide organizations through the entire development management process, on projects ranging from straightforward deals to complex multi-stakeholder partnerships. From the initial project idea and deal creation to planning, approvals, construction project management and construction claims — we’re with you all the way.

Our development management services are tailored to the needs of seniors, housing co-operatives, the unhoused, student unions, church groups and health care organizations, among others. Terra has also contributed our expertise in social purpose real estate to numerous studies, papers, workshops and planning sessions related to affordable housing issues, and have worked with municipal, provincial and federal levels of government, Crown agencies and special-purpose bodies to address development concerns and challenges.

Key Contacts

Simon Davie Principal, Chief Executive Officer Terra Social Purpose Real Estate

Simon Davie
CEO, Managing Partner
Terra Social Purpose Real Estate
[email protected]
604 639 0472

Albert Huang | Associate, Senior Development Manager | Terra Social Purpose Real Estate

Albert Huang
Terra Social Purpose Real Estate
[email protected]
604 639 0738


We collaborate with clients throughout the development management process, from the concept and project plan, through the development program, budgeting and design process, to construction project management and construction claims.


Our process revolves around your objectives. We start by understanding your goals, assets and opportunities, then we build and execute a tailored development plan that best meets you and your community’s short- and long-term requirements. Terra assembles and manages a development team that, with your participation, guides the project from the very earliest stages through the end of the first year of operations.

Development management process


Create a project plan

First, we clarify project objectives. Then we work with you to identify available resources, fill in the gaps and define the project concept.

Create a project plan


Determine feasibility

Determine how the project can proceed based on municipal approvability, budget requirements, funding availability and market conditions. Identify partners and create a legal structure for the project. 

Development management process - determine feasibility


Prepare for construction

Confirm the capital cost budget. Obtain municipal and other necessary approvals. Secure financing and finalize contracts as required.

Development management process - prepare for construction


Support construction

Guide you through the construction of the project, resolving issues, managing the construction claims process and accounting for project costs.

Terra Social Purpose Real Estate


Move-in and post-construction review

Support preparations for occupancy, finalize project costs, manage construction deficiencies and warranty items.

Development management process - move-in and post-construction review