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Preserving the value of your real estate assets

Terra’s asset management team specializes in planning and executing the repair and renovation of housing assets, to maximize the value of your real estate and manage your properties with an optimal life cycle cost.

We work with a wide variety of organizations, including non-profit housing societies, student unions and housing co-operatives, who face a number of challenges as buildings age. These challenges include the need for infrastructure repair and replacement, demographic changes that necessitate updates to your current housing mix, and the expiry of operating agreements and associated subsidies. With these changes comes the need for proactive asset management planning, complete with a schedule of future capital repairs and financial plan, to ensure you have sufficient funds to undertake essential repairs and renewal. Combining our expertise in sound asset management planning, refinancing and renewal strategies, and expert project management services, Terra can help you optimize your investments and maintain the value of your assets over the long term.

Key Contacts

Christian Menard General Manager Terra Asset Management

Christian Menard
General Manager
Terra Asset Management
[email protected]
604 803 2843


We offer asset management planning and project management services, providing a comprehensive overview of your assets’ current state and future repair needs, and leading efficient repair and renovation projects.


Our process is guided by your needs. We start by listening to your requirements, then we create a detailed asset management plan, based on the condition of your property. Often through the asset management planning process it becomes clear that there are one or more repair and maintenance projects that need to be addressed immediately. In these cases, Terra has the capacity to support both asset management and construction project management, guiding you through the process of carrying out necessary repairs. We proceed by obtaining approvals, supporting the financing phase, and representing your interests throughout construction.

Asset management process


Define your needs

Investigate your objectives and the assets you’re managing.

Define your needs


Prepare an asset management plan

Create a detailed plan with a 50-year capital repair projection linked to financials.

Prepare an asset management plan


Make priority recommendations

Identify the repair and maintenance projects most in need of attention, and begin construction project management planning process as needed.

Make priority recommendations

Project management process


Design, schedule and budget

Fine-tune what work needs to be done and determine how long it will take and how much it will cost—all with your needs in mind.

Design, schedule and budget


Gather approvals

Gather all necessary approvals from organizations that regulate or legislate your activities.

Gather approvals


Support financing process

Develop and execute a financial plan to ensure you have the funds needed to support your repair project(s) and long-term plan.

Support financing proces


Coordinate construction

Coordinate the consultant team, maintaining close oversight of construction, budget and timeline.

Development management process - prepare for construction