John Yeomans Place

Anavets Senior Citizens’ Housing Society
245 East 3rd Street, North Vancouver
New Construction

Terra worked with Anavets for more than a decade to develop a successful redevelopment plan for the Society. Anavets needed to replace the three outdated apartment buildings on their site in North Vancouver while the Society continued to operate and with minimal disruption to existing tenants.

Terra was instrumental in helping the Society find the right private developer/partner for their project and in nurturing the relationship between the parties to forge a mutually rewarding partnership.  Terra was also key in the community consultation process, working with the Society and the neighbours to garner support for the redevelopment.

One original building was demolished to make way for the new construction; the other two original buildings remained and continued to house Anavets tenants until the new project was ready. Anavets retains ownership of their portion of the site. Funding for the redevelopment came in large part from the sale of the remaining land to the developer, who plans to construct a new market condominium building.

The new Anavets building, which opened in the spring of 2012, houses 76 senior residents.