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Comprehensive development management for leasehold models

Terra combines our expansive expertise in uncommon leasehold ownership structures and full-service development management to create custom solutions that help you generate equity with your nonprofit housing project.

Our leasehold development services


Deal origination and corporate structuring

We help put together a project and partnership structure that meets your specific short- and long-term needs. We take an inventory of your assets and opportunities, investigate market demand, negotiate property acquisition, and create a project plan that is capable of achieving funding. Our leasehold development team specializes in deal structures outside the typical rental or condominium ownership models. Examples include our affordable leasehold home ownership model, tailored to first-time home buyers, and our life lease housing model, providing support and stable housing for seniors.


Securing equity and debt financing

A variety of options exist for funding real estate development projects, which can be selected based on your goals and objectives. We understand not only how different levels of government funding can come into play for a potential project, but also how to best leverage existing assets in the private debt and equity markets to ensure funding is available to complete a development project. Our ability to determine financial viability and profitability for private interests, based on the time-value of money, can be what allows a project to go forward, while still meeting the objectives of your organization. We have the proven ability to set up deals that mix both government and private capital to ensure project success.


Development services

Terra has decades of experience in the entire development management process, specializing in affordable housing for nonprofit organizations. We guide you through the entire process, ensuring a solid financing strategy, bringing design and planning consultants on board, planning and executing the construction phase, and supporting the move-in process. We even have asset management and property management professionals on our team, should you need those services once occupancy is complete.


Marketing and sales

The sales and marketing of leasehold units needs to be approached in much the same way as a regular condo development. This requires coordinated branding and marketing campaigns in appropriate media streams, and a functional and appealing sales office with mockups of unit finishes and layouts. These costs will run into the millions of dollars. Taking a gamble on an “if you build it, they will come” approach does not work, no matter how good the project is. Regardless, private financial partners require presales. At Terra, we ensure that all marketing activities remain on message and on brand, and ensure that buyers understand the leasehold product they’re buying, all while remaining onside of consumer protection legislation.