Terra Art

Terra's offices are located on Commercial Drive, a neighbourhood with a diverse, thriving cultural scene.  Several members of the Terra Team are artists who have exhibited, worked and volunteered for many years in the local arts community.

Terra hosts a small art gallery in our offices, featuring the work of local artists in our foyer and board room.  Each exhibit runs for a two month period and artists are paid a small honorarium.  Pieces are often available for purchase.

The current show features the work of Carmen Chan

If you are interested in exhibiting your work in the Terra Gallery, please contact Chris.


Previous Shows

Carol McQuaid.                                 Sept - Oct 2019

Jenn Brisson                                      June - Aug 2019

Jasmine Sanchez-Ziller                      Apr - May 2019

Ismail Esen                                        Feb - Mar 2019

Burnaby Photographic Society

Judy Villett Terry Aske Mardell Rampton Janet Archibald

                                                         Nov - Dec 2017

Sarah Ronald                                     Sept - Oct 2017

Bill Bentley                                          Jul - Aug 2017

Daniel Peter Smith                               May - Jun 2017

Christina Ostenstad (photography)      Mar - Apr 2017

Diego Pacheco                                     Jan - Feb 2017

Avelina Stanier Cruz                            Nov - Dec 2016

Phyllis Greenwood                                Sep - Oct 2016

Aleteia Greenwood                               July - Aug 2016

Alexis                                                   May - Jun 2016

Trish Mitchell                                        Mar - Apr 2016

Jenifer Darbellay                                    Jan - Feb 2016

Teresa Johnson                                      Nov - Dec 2015

"Women of Savagery and Bugs"             Sept - Oct 2015

AVA (Avenue for/des Arts)                      July - Aug 2015

Carole Sinclair mixed media                   May - June 2015

Randy S. Tait, carver                                Mar - Apr 2015

Brooklyn Obrecht, painting                    Jan -  Feb 2015

Eva Waldauf, mixed media                     Nov - Dec 2014

Full Circle Art Collective                        Sept - Oct 2014

Sarah Davidson                                      July - Aug  2014

Alice Neel Copy Project                         May - June 2014

J. Barrable Segal  Milos Jones                  Mar - Apr 2014

Stanley Mishkin, painting                         Jan - Feb 2014

Nancy Henderson, mixed media             Nov - Dec 2013

Valerie Arntzen, mixed media                Sept - Oct 2013

Dave Denson, artist                                 July - Aug 2013

Jason Neve, photographer                       May-June 2013

Florence Debeugny, photographer         Mar - Apr 2013

Sally Gooding, mixed media                    Jan - Feb 2013

Group Show                                            Nov - Dec 2012

Famous Empty Sky, artist                        Sept - Oct 2012

Emily Miles, artist & illustrator                 July-Aug 2012

Heather Renney, photographer               May-June 2012