Skwachàys Lodge

Skwachàys Lodge

Skwachàys Lodge

Skwachàys is a unique concept combining a boutique hotel, an Aboriginal artist in residence program and a Fair Trade art gallery and production space. It features 18 boutique hotel suites, 24 self-contained assisted living units, a ground level art gallery (showcasing the works of artists in the program) and a basement workshop.

This building retains the front heritage façade of the old Pender Hotel as well as other heritage features while adding a new-build social residential facility. The project provides a culturally appropriate environment which incorporates such amenities as a Smudge Room, a Sweat Lodge and a common lounge area.

This project was a Real Estate Foundation 2012 Land Award finalist and won two prestigious awards from Aboriginal Tourism BC in 2015.


Vancouver Native Housing Society


31 W. Pender Street Vancouver, BC



Area(s) of Expertise:

Development Management

Project Type:

Market and Mixed-Use Housing, Supportive Housing


heritage, highrise, indigenous, new construction, redevelopment, supportive housing