Dave Pranteau Aboriginal Children’s Village

Dave Pranteau Aboriginal Children's Village

Dave Pranteau Aboriginal Children's Village

Dave Pranteau Aboriginal Children's Village

Terra began working with Lu’ma in 2007 to develop this unique 24 unit family project, located East Vancouver. The Village concept guided the project – working towards the vision of building stability and a sense of belonging into the lives of children being raised in government care. Funding from 3 levels of government helped make the project a reality in 2012. It features 10 large units which can house approximately 30 foster children. The Village has an onsite caregiver support program for foster families and children. The project also has 3 units for youth transitioning out of foster care and 7 additional affordable rental units.

The most unique aspect of this project is that housing units belong to the foster child. If the foster families fail to provide adequate care, it is the foster family that moves out of the housing unit and the foster child/child in care stays permanently in the building.

The ground floor of the building houses the offices of the Society, commercial units operated by the Society and has an amenity space capable of hosting large gatherings as well as youth-related cultural activities and programs including an Aboriginal art mentorship program, drum and dance groups. The building is designed by renowned Nisga’a architect, Patrick Stewart and features poles by master carver Mike Dangeli.

The project has been profiled as a Case Study by the Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative. Check it out here.


Lu’ma Native Housing Society


2960 Nanaimo Street Vancouver, BC



Area(s) of Expertise:

Development Management

Project Type:

Market and Mixed-Use Housing, Supportive Housing


family, indigenous