Phil Bouvier Family Centre

Central City Mission Foundation
717 Princess Street, Vancouver

The Phil Bouvier Family Centre completed renovations in 2008.  The Foundation had purchased the existing building; it had housed a daycare which had been closed.  The building required a major upgrade in order to meet code and reopen as a daycare and hired Terra to coordinate the process.  The renovated building is leased to Vancouver Native Health Society for a variety of Aboriginal programs.  VNHS subleases space to a non-profit daycare provider for 89 full-time, part time and pre-school childcare spaces, addressing an urgent need for non-profit childcare in the Strathcona neighbourhood, an area of historical significance with a rich cultural history and diverse ethnic and cultural make-up.  The centre has revolutionized early education in the inner city by bringing children of different backgrounds together in an Aboriginal focused early education model. This model creates a unique environment where both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal babies, toddlers, and children are culturally supported in a hub environment.  In 2011, the Phil Bouvier Family Centre was the recipient of a BC Childcare Award of Excellence.