Kiwanis Carneby Place

Kiwanis Senior Citizens Homes Ltd.
1215 St. Georges Avenue, North Vancouver

Terra successfully applied to CMHC for seed funding to conduct a feasibility study for the Society and completed the study.    The report reviewed the feasibility of developing the Society’s currently owned site at 1215 St. Georges Avenue in the City of North Vancouver.  The site contains a 3 storey apartment building with 27 apartments for seniors and the Society was interested in the possibility of increasing the density on the site to maximize the number of affordable senior citizens housing units that could be delivered.  The final report presents an analysis of a redeveloped seniors’ housing project along with recommendations for consideration by the Society on how to proceed.


A stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation of the property was prepared and architects were engaged by the Society to carry out some schematic design options.  Terra coordinated the activities of the consultant firms.