Evergreen Timbers

Langley Lions Senior Citizens Housing Society
203rd Street, Langley
New Construction
Wood Frame
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"The most important thing to me is the emotional support I personally received throughout the past seven years.  I know that our society's relationship with Terra Housing will be a longstanding one.  Would I recommend Terra Housing to be your consultant?  You bet!!!"  Jeanette Dagenais, Administrator, Langley Lions Senior Citizens Housing Society

The Task

The Langley Lions Senior Citizens Housing Society wanted to develop an assisted living project that would integrate into their complex of independent living rental apartments for seniors.  This would create an option for residents to age-in-place in familiar surroundings in their community.  Prior to Terra's involvement, two of the buildings in the complex had undergone necessary building envelope renovations.  Unfortunately, tensions and frustrations in the complex had were very high during these renovations.  As a result, when the Society applied to rezone the property to allow the development of the new project, a number of tenants visibly opposed it, resulting in rejection by Langley City Council.

Terra's Role

Terra undertook a massive consultation process which led to a significant majority of the tenants eventually supporting the project, resulting in Council approving the rezoning and the building being completed.  The consultation process involved organizing regular, ongoing meetings with the tenants' groups, to understand their issues, establish ongoing positive dialogue with the administration, and consult with tenants on the design of the project.  Town hall meetings and open houses with tenants confirmed directions proposed by the Advisory Committee, and gave tenants the opportunity to have their questions answered.  Terra helped create a regular newsletter that kept tenants informed throughout the construction and engaged the local media to report positive elements of the process, resulting in more balanced reporting.

Once Terra had worked to successfully source full capital and operating grant funding for the project, the next complicated process involved relocating 64 tenants residing in two building wings which had to be demolished to make space for the new building.  Terra worked with the Society and a new joint tenants committee to successfully relocate all 64 tenants either within the complex or elsewhere in the community, at their choice.

The Result

Evergreen Timbers is a 58 unit assisted living building which also encompasses a commercial kitchen and dining area open to all residents of the 600 unit complex, amenities for the assisted living residents, the Society's head offices and unique, fully covered links to two of the adjacent buildings in the complex.

When the project opened, as anticipated, many residents were in a position to move from their independent living units into much needed assisted living units.  At the official opening, residents expressed their delight in the new project.