Stuart Thomas

Stuart is a founding principal of Terra Housing and has worked in social housing and community development for over 35 years. As a development manager, he has assisted dozens of community-based organizations to conceptualize and implement affordable housing projects.

From 1982 to 1986 Stuart served as a director and treasurer of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada. He was later appointed a founding director of the Co-operative Housing Programs Administration Agency. He was a founding trustee of the Federal Co-operative Housing Stabilization Fund, and served as both president and chair of the portfolio management committee. Stuart was a central figure in the business planning and development of COHO Management Services Society.

Internationally, Stuart has worked with Rooftops Canada Foundation and the Canadian Co-operative Association on consulting assignments in Zimbabwe and the Philippines, and has served as a consultant to community organizations and government departments in South Africa, Australia and India.

Stuart has extensive post-graduate training in research design and data analysis, and has held several contract positions as a program evaluation research director. He holds a BA in Psychology (1976) from the University of British Columbia, and completed their Mortgage Brokers course. Stuart is a member of the Canadian Association of Business Economists and the International Union for Housing Finance.

CHF Canada named Stuart the 2013 Honorary Lifetime Associate.