Terra Launches a New Look

Welcome to Terra Housing's new website!  Our first website was launched in 1999, so it was definitely time for a fresh, modern look.

We hope our new website will be easier to navigate, especially when moving between the many different types of projects that Terra has worked to complete.  We invite visitors to browse through our projects, but we have added an advanced search function which allows you quick access to information about any specific project, municipality, etc.

As a consulting firm, Terra is all about our staff - 16 experienced, hard working development management professionals.  The new website devotes substantial space to introducing our visitors to those professionals and to elaborating the work they do, and can do for our clients.

The New Logo - What's the Idea Behind It?

Along with our new website, Terra presents a revamped logo.  Our new logo retains the "Terra" cotta colour but aims to capture in a simpler way what Terra does.

The new logo features a rough, angled lower case letter "t" at its centre.  This symbolizes Terra's hands-on project style.  It denotes both dynamic movement (Terra is responsible for keeping the development process moving forward) and strength (Terra works for our clients to anchor the many diverse and complex aspects of the development process).

The asymmetrical spaces carved by the "t" suggest a dynamic division of land while the white space maps a path and direction.  Terra focuses on social purpose real estate - using land and development as powerful tools to create community benefit.

The rounded, organic shape of the logo reflects the flexible and accessible process Terra engages in with its diverse range of clients.