Sanford Housing Society's BRice Project Opens!

A delighted crowd, including Mayor Gregor Robertson, federal and provincial ministers, gathered on a bright Sunday morning to celebrate the opening of the first of the Vancouver Community Housing Land Trust projects.  Terra has been working with the Land Trust since 2012 to develop these six buildings on four City of Vancouver-owned sites.  The other five buildings are under construction and will be completed in 2018.

Mayor Robertson said it was "so great to see a full house and see a full building" and praised "all the great partners" who made the new project possible.

Minister Harjit Sajjan reiterated his government's position that it is important for "every Canadian to have access to housing that meets their needs and that they can afford", stating "collaboration and innovation are crucial".

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Selina Robinson, called the BRice a "shining example" and praised the work of non-profit housing societies like Sanford, saying they are "truly inspiring" and that she "look(ed) forward to more partnerships".

Thom Armstrong, Executive Director of CHF BC and the Land Trust stated the "Sanford Housing Society has such a long and distinguished record" providing housing and that "this development would not be where it was today without Terra Housing".  Like the other speakers, Mr. Armstrong emphasized the importance of the team approach to developing new affordable housing saying "we are standing here today because of the combined strength and vision of the partners".

The BRice, which brings 48 new affordable housing units for low and middle income households to Vancouver, is named for Bonnie Rice, the long-serving and recently retired Executive Director of Sanford Housing Society.  Ms. Rice was instrumental in the start-up of the project.  She spoke of the new building being a "testament to the endurance and commitment of the Sanford Board", saying "without them we would not have achieved what we have".  Ms Rice also cited the importance of the "long term relationship with Terra" (together we have developed some 20 projects across Vancouver and Richmond).