Premier Christy Clark Attends the Opening of Sanford Apartments

Today marked the grand opening of Sanford Apartments, a 62 unit project which houses individuals who are homeless or at risk with homelessness, and who are living with a mental illness. Terra provided development management services for this project; we have worked with KSHS since 1989 and together have developed more than 20 projects at various locations in Vancouver and Richmond. 

The project houses the new offices of MPA (Motivation, Power and Achievement Society), which has been serving the west side neighbourhood since 1971, and offers support services, including art and music therapy, to residents. 

Premier Clark spoke with residents prior to addressing the audience and said they were “thoroughly enjoying” their new homes and change in circumstances.  The Premier reiterated the importance of these Vancouver City Sites projects, saying that “it all begins with a roof over your head”. 

Also attending the ceremony was Katherine Sanford, for whom the Society and the new building are named.  KSHS President, Dane Jansen, paid tribute to her, saying “Katherine was legendary”.  Ms. Sanford is the former director of Mental Health Residential Services and dedicated many years to improving housing for people with mental illnesses. 

Mayor Gregor Robertson described the new building, the first of its kind on the west side of Vancouver as “a treasure for the neighbourhood”.

Finally, Anthony, a new resident of the project addressed the audience.  Anthony described his journey to Sanford Apartments saying for the past four years he had struggled, “living in pretty hostile environments”, but since learning that he would be moving into the completed building, “this apartment was all I could think about”.  Anthony described the “sheer peace of mind” that he had gained, saying that this was the “realization of a dream I never knew I had – to live on my own."