Marguerite Ford Apartments Celebration

Executive Director Bonnie Rice summed it up nicely: "There are a lot of smiling faces today".  Sanford Housing Society and RainCity Housing and Support Society celebrated the construction completion of the Marguerite Ford Apartments - a project which will help people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness stabilize, regain their independence and move into permanent housing.

The project, located on West 2nd Avenue, is a leading development in the new and growing South East False Creek Neighbourhood.  It offers 147 units of housing in studio and one bedroom apartments.  It also houses the new offices of the Sanford Housing Society.

The building is named in honour of Marguerite Ford whose long history of community service includes a decade as Vancouver City Councillor and many years on the Sanford Housing Society board of directors.  Ms. Ford recalled working with the Society on many of their projects which house the homeless and those living with mental illness.  She described this newest building as "the most beautiful of all". 

Terra is providing development management for 12 of the 14 Vancouver City Sites that are being developed to address homelessness.  Marguerite Ford Apartments is the sixth of these projects to be completed and the second one which will be operated by Sanford Housing Society.  Sanford Apartments and MPA Resource Centre on West 7th Avenue officially opened in November 2012.  Terra has worked with Sanford Housing Society for three decades, together developing numerous projects in Vancouver and Richmond.  Terra has also worked extensively with RainCity, who will be providing support services to the residents of Marguerite Ford Apartments.

The L-shaped design of this new building encloses a landscaped courtyard adjacent to the land which serves as an outdoor residential amenity space and a portion of the building features a rooftop deck.  The project is targeting LEED Gold certification.