Riitta Gunning

Director of Finance and Operations

Riitta joined Terra in 1990 and currently is Terra's Director of Finance and Operations.  She manages Terra's financial functions, providing solid financial information about company activities in order to assist the partners in making educated economic decisions about Terra's future.  Riitta works to maximize financial assets by working with the partners to establish financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems.  She works to ensure compliance for all accounting and financial reporting functions.

Riitta also oversees the construction claims process, ensuring that it runs efficiently, solving financial transaction/claims-related issues, budget tracking and reconciling budget items, solving funder issues; liaising with solicitors, funders and clients.  She works with client auditors for year-end audits and CRA auditors for GST/HST audits.

Riitta is also a founding partner of Terra Property Management.  She completed the Real Estate Salesperson and Sub-Mortgage Broker's course, and the Property Management Pre‑Licensing Course at UBC, becoming a licensed property manager.  Previously, Riitta worked in criminal justice and social services.