ISSofBC Welcome Centre Opens

The morning clouds cleared just in time to start the celebrations of the opening of ISSofBC's new Welcome Centre project in Vancouver.

Lance Jakubec of CMHC described the new project as "a wonderful example of having everything under one roof".  Linda Morris, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Member and Community Engagement, VanCity echoed the enthusiasm for the project calling it "a place of new beginnings for newcomers".

Zahra, a refugee from Afghanistan who came to Canada two years ago described how starting over in a new environment was a challenge but after a "great experience" with the programs at ISSofBC, expressed her desire to apply to join the Vancouver Police Department after she graduates from high school.

Shadi, a recent immigrant from Iran described how difficult it was to make such a big decision to move but stated "it is so good to know your new country has a plan for you".  She appreciated that the programs at ISSofBC were tailored to the specific needs of immigrants, including professionals like her, for instance, helping to have a greater understanding about the Canadian workplace.  This, she said "really helps refugees find their way and move forward".

Patricia Woroch, CEO of ISSofBC stated "this Centre is truly a multi service centre for those who need help and encouragement".  She thanked Terra "who had to do a lot of handholding for us neophytes" during the development and construction of the project.